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Is the airline ticket included on the price?
No, airline tickets are extra.

Who are these trips for?
These trips are for people of all ages who are interested in castles, history, adventure and cultural trips.  Even some people who are not interested in castles, have found our trips fun and informative.

How do I register for a tour?
Fill out our Registration FormClick here to get a copy of the registration form, or contact us and we will provide one for you.

Are the entrance to the castles included?
Yes, the entrance to every castle that is on UPPER CASE, is included in the price.

How long do you stay at each castle?
The goal is to stay at each castle for 2 hours.  In many cases we stay longer than 2 hours.  Many factors go into the amount of time visiting a castle, two important ones are the number of castles seen in a day and distance to the castles.  We try to stay in hotels as close as possible to the castles in order to minimize the travel time and maximize visiting time.  But, this is not always possible, since many castles are in remote areas.  We are also limited by the opening and closing hours of the castles.  

There might be some problems outside of our control which might limit the amount of time at a castle.  For example, traffic on the roads might cause the bus to be late.  It is also possible for a particular castle to be closed to the public for some special event.  In which case, we will do our best to alternate the schedule, but it might not always be possible.

Why do all of your tours start on a Friday?
Most flights depart the USA to Europe during the evenings.  Leaving Friday after work is the normal when traveling to Europe on vacation.

Will we need to bring a hairdryer or an electrical adapter for charging a camera battery with us?
Electric current varies throughout the world and can affect your small appliances, such as hair dryers and electric shavers. The voltage in the countries we will visit is 220V.  Plugs are either the Continental European type with two round pins or the English type with a square plug. Your appliances may be plugged into a European outlet with an adaptor. Some electric devices like laptops, shavers and camera chargers work both 100V and 220V.   Most of the hotels where we will be staying provide hair dryers, so DO NOT take yours.  Please verify your electrical equipment if its compatible with the 220 V.  If it is, all you need is a plug converter.  If it is not, then check with the manufacturer to see if you can use an electrical adapter.

Are there ATM machines available? 
ATM machines are very common in Europe  and provide ready access to cash, allowing travelers to carry as much money as they need for each day.  Remember to obtain your PIN number in advance, and call your bank to ask the maximum daily withdrawal limit.

When you use the ATM's and request money, are you requesting local currencies or U.S.?  Or does the ATM automatically convert.
You request the amount you want in local currency, get the local currency.  An you pay in U.S. Dollars. 

Should we bring travel check or cash?  
Cash in fine as long as you carry it in a safe place, like money belts. Travelers checks, if lost or stolen, can be replaced. Keep your receipt and the list of checks that shows which ones you have used, in a place separate from the checks themselves. And keep a copy of them at home.

Are credit cards accepted?
Major credit cards are accepted by shops and restaurants.  Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted.  Discover is not accepted.

Why is it so difficult to get to many of the castles?
Most of the castles we visit are far away from the cities.  Getting there by public transportation is quite difficult. In some cases there is only one or two buses/trains that depart to that castle per day.

Can I talk with a past passenger?
Certainly!  Contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.  You can read the past customer testimonials here.

Medicines & Vitamins.  I have heard that all pills must be in there original containers.  Since vitamin tablets come in bottles the size of a small auto, how do we deal with this.  We like to carry them in the little seven day  containers.  How does customs handle this?
Yes, because of strict drug laws in some countries, drugs you take on doctor's orders should be carried in their original container showing the prescription label. Remember, you only go through customs in the first country of entrance to the European Community. Once in Europe, you can change them to your seven day pack containers

Are there any rules about what you can buy and bring back?
U.S. residents are granted a tax exception on articles totaling $ 400.00. 

If we DO bring extra luggage; first of all, CAN we?  and if we can bring another bag, is there an extra charge  and how much would it be?
If you really think you need two bags, the cost is U.S. dollars $ 3.00 per day  per bag.

Is there a lot of walking and climbing?

The following table explains how physically fit a person should be to fully enjoy the tours.


If you need help or wheel chair for any physical activity, or can slowly walk or needs help to climb a couple of steps.  This tour is not for you. 

If you are a couch potato, fell winded when you climb stairs or take out the trash.  You can fully enjoy most of the castles. You can visit all of the castles that are on ground level (90%). You will not be able to go to the top of some of the castles that require extraneous walking and stair climbing (10%).

 If you can walk regularly, at least 20 minutes a day, three to four times a week, can climb a couple of flights of steps. You will be able to enjoy all the castles. You can walk or take the carriage or bus to and from the base to the top of the castles. 

 If you can walk briskly from 30-45 minutes four to five times a week, can climb steeper flights of steps.

You will enjoy this tour to the fullest. You will not miss any tower, battlement or secret passage. You will have time for shopping, photographs and relaxation. You will be able to return walking at night to the castles and enjoy the castles by yourself. 


Piece of cake

In you are in great shape, do aerobics or run on the treadmill.

You will be able to climb to every single tower and battlement and come back and get wine for all of ones on the tour. You will find the hard route, the off trails, and you will maximize your adventure!

You canít go from being a couch potato to running marathons overnight.

A 80-year-old with an active life can be more fit than a 20 year-old who doesnít exercise. 

Suggestions to get fit.

  1. Get your doctorís permission before starting any exercise program
  2. Walk 30 minutes a day at least three to four times a week.
  3. Increase your routine by five minutes every two weeks and bust your speed as it feels comfortable.
  4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at home or at the office. 
  5. Make exercise a habit. 

Get motivated to exercise a trip is waiting for you!!!


If you don't see your question here please contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.


































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