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Anyone taking the fantasy castles tour – even the most experienced travelers – is bound to notice something unlike any other tour they have been on. Instead of normal tourist sites, the tour visits the castles that have inspired some of our most famous writers, story makers, playwrights and even opera composers. You can see the history and significance of castles by the paintings of those immortalized there. You can sense the creativity in the air, a buzz as your childhood dreams become true. All the history and romance remain intact at the castles, and you can feel a part them by being in their presence.

Undoubtedly, the best symbols of this tour are the castles of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. They are included as some of the most popular sights in all of Germany. Neuschwanstein castle near Fussen, kept in the style of a Knight’s Castle of the middle Ages, inspired Walt Disney to build his castles. Linderhof Castle, near Oberammergau, is built after a pleasure seat of the Rococo. Herrenchiemsee is modeled after Versailles and erected on an island in the middle of the Lake Chiemsee. Nymphenburg palace is the largest palace in Europe and the childhood home of Kind Ludwig II.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Hluboka Castle

The castle of Salzburg and the palace of Hellbrunn mesmerize visitors by their unique attractions. The castle of Salzburg is a step back into time, a time where the Archbishop of Salzburg was all-powerful. Walking through the secret passageways fires up the imagination, in a way that no book can describe. In the spacious grounds of the Palace of Hellbrunn is a Wasserspiele (trick fountains) section containing many ingenious trick fountains and water-powered figures. It contains a mechanical theater, which is one of the most beautiful and unique examples of mannerist architecture throughout Europe.
The Czech Republic has a unique dimension of fantastic castles. The history behind these castles is breathtaking. Take for example, Konipiste Castle, it goes back to the 12th century. It received an attractive and neo-Gothic face-lift at the end of the 19th century by its last and best-known owner, Archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este, successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne. His assassination on June 28, 1914 set off World War I. Hluboka castle, not only has its own fascinating history, but also has the most beautiful interiors of any castle. Karlstejn castle, built in 1348, was designed as treasury for the imperial crown jewels. Hradcany or Prague castle is the most extensive castle in Europe; it has been feature in many motion pictures such as the Amadeus.

Cesky Krumlov is one of Europe’s most handsome towns, with a well-preserved historical center that was added in 1992 to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Its castle is the second largest in the Czech republic. It looks stunning at night when the hilltop castle is flooded with light and the old town’s cobbled streets are shrouded in shadow. Since we will staying overnight at the town, there is not better way to enjoy all of this.

Karlstejn Castle

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