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Passengers of the Fantasy Tour   departure


Meet the passengers  from our  Fantasy Tour 2002

16 passengers and our tour director, Astrid.

Ruth from Watertown, MA

I enjoyed the variety of castles you have provided in this tour, from a fortress to a grand palace. I am able to sample the range of residences that archbishops, kings, queens and the nobility have lived in. This trip has been exciting, adventurous and very educational. I thank Lucy for the coordination of this tour. Our tour guide Astrid has been the consummate professional tour director. I appreciate her helpful directions and instructions. She has treated us very well. If I had another opportunity to participate in a tour with Globus, I hope she would be my tour director. I am in awe of Ambrogio and his awesome driving skills. It's been enjoyable experience having him as our driver and the sights  what can be said but "wow' great choices overall. If given another opportunity I would take castles tour again."

Shallon and Ray from Oklahoma City



Shallon ..."The tour was very well planned. The activities of each day were great.  Hotels and food were top notch. There was variety in each day by giving  us some free time so nothing became the same. Absolutely the best."





Steve from London, England


Steve..."Lived up to all my expectations. Great organization from Globus. Fun group of people to be with. Tour the right length of time.




Dale: ..."When everything is done to almost perfection how do you choose best? The itinerary is overwhelmingly generous; the accommodations top notch, personal attention not lacking, comfortable traveling, well planned schedule, good to excellent guides.  I believe  Castles of the World is headed down the road of real success."

Beverly ..."I'm sure that I will have many memories for the rest of my life about this trip. Bad and good memories of kings and noblemen who built huge dwellings, yet many of them died young and were unable to enjoy their grandeur."

Dale and Beverly from Paraguay

Nick from Longwood Florida



Nick: ...Excellent tour guide, efficient driver, good route, local guides, nice variety of hotels,  and sites. I can't say enought about the size of the group and its benefits, extra room on the bus, getting to know the people, easier organizing movements, eating, tours, etc. You have done an excellent job organizing the tour."



Barb: ..."more leisurely and less miles than most tours. Liked it that all but one evening meals were included. Dinner and walk through trick fountains was great. We got a lot of special attention since it was in the evening - would like to see  inside."

Jennifer: ...I know that it is hard to please everyone and hard to stay on schedule, but it would have been nicer if we could have stayed 1/2 hour longer at each castle so weren't rushed. I realize this would mean arriving to the hotel latter at the end of the day. I know that it is hard to please everyone I think  you have found a fair balance."

Barbara and Jennifer from Springfield, IL.

Jack and Crystal from Bloomington, Indiana


Jack:..."I loved it and may take another one. Really enjoyed Astrid, (tour director) Lucy and Jaime (Castles of the World) and Ambroggio (the driver) I loved visiting Cezky Krumlov. It would be nice to stay here longer as a base to visit a few more castles in the area. Overall very good tour.

Crystal: ...the information about the tours and history, things about the people that Astrid and local guides told us."


Agnes: ..."it was very well organized. We visited the best places and stayed in good hotels and enough time was give to "explore" on our own."

Suzanne": ... I likes best the private tour of the water gardens at Helbrunn. The hotel Ruze in Cesky Krumlov and Garmisch was beautiful.



Suzanne and Agnes from New York, NY.

Pam from Memphis TN







Jaime and Lucy from Houston tour leaders from Castles of the World

Astrid, from Germany, our tour director







Ambroggio from Italy our driver

Fantasy Castles Tour Report by Lucy

Greetings everyone! I just came back from our 10 day Fantasy Castles Tour. Like all of our previous tours, this tour has also been a smashing success.

The 17 of us felt like kings and queens visiting the most ornate dwellings ever built. Just like King Ludwig II, we strolled through his castles and palaces perched high above the enchanting Bavarian Alps.

We also took a step back in time with our visit of the castle of Salzburg; from its tall towers we were treated to the most breath taking views of this ancient city surrounded by the green belt of the countryside.

We had a fun time on the grounds of the Palace of Hellbrunn with the Wasserspiele (trick fountains) trying to avoid getting wet by the most ingenious trick fountains built by the jovial arch-bishop and his water-powered figures.

We traveled to The Czech Republic and visited the most fantastic castles. The history behind these castles is truly remarkable. Hluboka castle not only has its own fascinating history, but also has the most beautiful and lavish interiors of any castle. Karlstejn castle was designed as treasury for the imperial crown jewels. Hradcany, or Prague castle, is the most extensive castle in Europe; Crystal, our youngest tour member, wanted to have her wedding there.

Strolling and shopping around the cobbled streets of Cesky Krumlov was one the best days of the tour. Dining at one of the most historical hotels was fabulous. Jack, a tour member, did not want to leave this well-preserved historical center. We finally had to coax him out!

And finally everyone agreed with Nike "We need to rest for a day and start all over day".

I will miss everyone on our tour!


Special Moments during our trip

Steve getting information from one of our local guides.


Barv and Dale making new friends.

The stinky boys............

Ruth at Chesky Krumlov.......

Getting explanation on the tricky fountains.

Aggie at Nyphenberg

Where can I rent a bike?

Lots of beer at the Hofbrauhaus.....

Knock Knock I want to see the castle...Suzie

Dale and his good old friend.

We are getting there............



Nike learned to have beer like the German's do.

The blankets came handy.......


































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