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Passengers of the 3rd Great Castles Tour

Photos from the Passengers.

06.JPG (98123 bytes) Michael and Judy from New York

"Very well organized. Everything was just as it was described in the itinerary and more. No disappointments"

"Great trip. Castles of the World has done a job in putting together the ultimate tour of the best castles of France and Germany. Thank you."

Sarah and David from Minnesota 07.jpg (43202 bytes)
08.jpg (72078 bytes) Robert and Linda from Colorado

This was the most incredible tour we’ve ever been on! Having no “optional tours” to deal with was wonderful – the price is all inclusive, so you don’t have to budget an extra $1000 to do all the “options.” The castles were spectacular; our tour director was the BEST and had all our tours arranged so there was no waiting in long lines. Because we were at Versailles at the ONLY time during the week when they have the fountains turned on, we were able to witness what many visitors to Versailles never get to see – the magnificent medieval fountains! Our timing at Mont St Michel was just as fabulous, as we got to see the rising tide come in from 12 miles out and turn the area into a virtual island. We were the first group at Neushwanstein, thereby avoiding all the long lines that other tours had to endure. We enjoyed all the castles so much that it is impossible to pick a favorite. The variety in the various castles, and the total change in scenery as we went from one region to the next gave us a real appreciation for the beauty of Europe.”

George and Marie from Florida

"This tour was educational and comprehensive. Good itinerary. Liked the itinerary! Astrid (tour director) did a great job as tour director. Gino was excellent bus driver."

09.jpg (32002 bytes)
10.jpg (51981 bytes) Tom and Lori from California
Irene and Wayne from New York.

"The whole experience was made unforgettable by our private audience with the Count of Brissac, the luncheon there, and the intimate atmosphere created by having the whole place to ourselves"

"I enjoyed this tour a great deal and have no regrets. I would recommend this tour to my friends. Thank you for putting together a wonderful itinerary."

13.jpg (35940 bytes)
14.jpg (44147 bytes) Pauletta and Perry from Oregon

"I really liked the fact that we saw so many interesting castles. I am also glad we didn't spent large chunks of time in the bus."

Renate and Gertrude from Kentucky

"Enjoyed all the castles, but specially King Ludwigs. Very informative tour director with a wonderful disposition."

15-16.jpg (36472 bytes)
17.jpg (76205 bytes) Yvonne  and Alfonso from Mexico

"I liked that there is a lot of culture, history, architecture. You get a very good idea of the life of the important people at different times in the past. You also get a very good idea of the way that people was. I loved almost all the sites. Very good organization. Time to meet people with similar interests."

Jean and Ed from Connecticut

I would like to thank you (and Jaime and the rest of your group) for the amazing castles tour that Jean (my wife) and I just took to France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, etc. Jean and I agree that this was without a doubt the best journey we've ever taken guided or not! There were so many superlatives, it's hard to pick out even a few. I never thought we'd see so much in such a short time. The castles were outstanding and the visits to the Eiffel Tower, the Beer Hall with it's entertainment, and the Marquess of Brissac were beyond mere words. Astrid, our tour guide, and Gino, our driver, deserve high ratings above and beyond whatever we can give them. They were helpful and thoughtful beyond the call of duty. I hope on our next trip with you, we have them again! Jaime was great, unfortunately he had to leave so soon. I thank you for our e-mails and calls and all the other assistance you provided along with the rest of your team. I'll follow up in a few days, but just wanted to send you a quick note that I hope cheers everyone up. Every last one of your group, here and in Europe deserve many, many thanks.

18.jpg (60607 bytes)
12.jpg (30978 bytes) Thomas from Massachusetts
Kyle, Bryan and Robert from California

"The tour guide was wonderful. She obviously is in love with castles herself and knows all the history of each well."

20.jpg (41660 bytes)
03-1.jpg (23486 bytes) Katheryn from Nevada
Ryan from Nevada 03-2.jpg (26903 bytes)
04.jpg (62437 bytes) Karin and Duane from Nevada

A family of parents, daughter and grandson! It was so nice to have them.

Nora and Erica from Illinois

"Enjoyed my traveling companions very much! Found all our guides to be very knowledgeable and pleasant - my very first escorted trip - had previously traveled on my own."

"The main castle I came to see was Neushwenstein, but Linderhof was a special surprise. It was sointimate with spectacular gardens and the grotto was something you need to see to believe ."

05.jpg (36466 bytes)
21.jpg (26740 bytes) Darlene and Allan from Grand Cayman
Debra from New Hampshire 01.jpg (31437 bytes)
Jaime-Astrid.jpg (33288 bytes) Jaime, the Tour Leader from Texas and Astrid the Tour Director from Germany
Gino, the Bus Driver from Italy Gino.jpg (35153 bytes)



































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